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Triple Creek Farm was founded in 2004 by Stephen and Barbara Levchak as a way to escape the city life and fulfill their lifelong dream of sharing their passion for horses with the world.


As the only Fell Pony breeding farm in Virginia - and one of just a few in the United States -Triple Creek Farm in Chatham, Virginia specializes in the preservation of this rare and beautiful breed.


Native to England and known for their versatility, intelligence, and wonderful personalities, Fell Ponies are considered by many to be the Equine worlds' best kept secret. Their short and sturdy stature, easy-going demeanor and willingness to train make them the perfect pony for first time owners, children or older riders. In fact - the queen of England herself has chosen the Fell Pony as her breed of choice.


So whether you're buying your first Fell Pony or adding another to your herd, we'd love to help you with your journey.


Contact us for more information about the Triple Creek Farm breeding program and get started today.

Our Farm

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